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What is teamthing?

teamthing helps you set up a free team website for your team, club or league. Manage your club fixtures and tables. Run events and manage your club calendar. Sell your club merchandise. Store files and keep photo galleries. Build member forums. Easily integrate with Facebook and Twitter.

  • Choose your template from a selection of professionally designed templates.
  • Your site comes with several pre-build pages e.g. store, events, news, league etc.
  • Add as many extra custom pages as you wish.
  • Easily integrate photo sliders to show off your photos.
  • Create menus, sub menus etc.
  • Add widgets to any page. E.g. add a league widget to show next/previous matches to any page.
  • Integrate maps into any page by clicking a button.
  • And much more

Who are we?

We’re a small but focussed bunch of fellow team admins and software professionals who share your passion for wanting to improve how our teams are run.

We believe we have produced a system which will give you complete control over what goes on at your club at a price which does not exclude anyone.

We are continually evolving the system and are always open to suggestions on how we can improve (after all, any good ideas will help us, at teamthing.com, run our own clubs).

Why did we build teamthing?

We know the challenges that you face trying to organize your team. We created this site to help ourselves, now it is open to help you!

This site was developed by club admins, for club admins.
They say “Great ideas are born out of necessity” and it was certainly the case for this site.
Too many hours are wasted organizing and managing operations even in the smallest of team, there had to be a better way, and, from using this site ourselves, we know we have cracked it!
We hope you like what we’ve built.

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