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Is teamthing really free?
Yes. teamthing is a free service funded by advertising. Any team, club or league can create a professional and feature rich website for free. Some clubs may choose to purchase additional 'pro' features such as more storage, a specialized domain name or premium themes for a small yearly fee. Although, with the free service, teamthing does place targeted ads on your website, we NEVER place ads from the following topics:
  • Cosmetic Procedures & body modification.
  • Dating
  • References to sex & sexuality
  • Religion
  • Sexual & reproductive health
  • Gambling & betting
How long does it take to build a teamthing website?
Not long. The signup process is quick and your site is live instantly. Your new site will contain sample pages and news articles to help you get started. From your teamthing dashboard you have full control over all your website features. Content can be copied and pasted from a previous website and you may invite club members to help.
Do I need to write code or have technical knowledge?
No. teamthing is designed to be very simple to use. There is no coding required (but we do allow users to fully customize if they do have expertise in this area). Just create a new page or news article, add content, and publish.
We have many teams at different age groups, can we add these to the one website?
Yes. clubs may add an unlimited number of teams and the group these teams into different sections on your site e.g.Senior, Youth, Girls or Junior. In addition, clubs may allow multiple Teams Admins with separate log-ins to manage each section. This ensures that each section is kept up-to-date and the workload is evenly spread between team managers.
We already have a domain name, can we use it for our teamthing website?
Yes. You can continue to use your domain name with your teamthing website. You can do this through your domain control panel by “mapping” the domain name. A help article on this topic can be found here.
Does teamthing provide free hosting, backup and support?
Yes. teamthing provides free unlimited hosting. There is no limit to the number of pages you can create. teamthing provides 24-hour back-up and downtime is very rare. Support, if required, is provided through the integrated support system in your teamthing dashboard or through the forums. We aim to answer all emails within 24 hours.
Can I add more admin users to the site, to share the load in updating it?
Yes. One Primary admin has total control over the website. The Primary admin may add unlimited Secondary admins to help run the website. Each admin has a separate log in and can access the teamthing dashboard 24/7.
Can we show our results and fixtures from an external site?
Yes. Some teams choose to use teamthing's inbuilt fixture managment software and use services such as FA Full time and mitoo.co.uk to manage their results and fixtures. You can show details from these services inside your teamthing.com pages. The following article explains how.
What are 'pro' features?
Pro Features are optional features which can be added to a club website via your team thing dashboard. Pro features require a small monthly fee and are designed to help clubs increase revenue and improvement management & communication. To learn more about Pro features click here.

If you have any more questions do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page.

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