What Are Widgets & How Can I Use Them?

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When you sign up to TeamThing.com you can automatically take advantage of a host of specialized widgets which can help to make your site truly useful.

What Are Widgets?

Widgets are the small sections of your website usually located in the side bar or the footer i.e. into ‘widget areas’.

In the image below you can see events, products and league widgets in the sidebar of a website.

Widgets In Sidebar

Add & Remove Widgets

You can add as many widgets as you want into each widget area.

Adding or removing a widget from a widget area can be performed by opening your dashboard and navigating to Appearance>Widgets.

Widget Panel

Widgets can be added by dragging a widget from the ‘Available Widgets’ section and dropping it in one of the widget areas on the right hand side.

Each widget can then be configured by expanding the widget and setting the properties inside.

To see a short explanation of widgets see the video below:

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