Adding, Editing & Removing Homepage Menu Items [UPDATED]

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You now have total control over the menu items that appear on your teamthing website’s pages.


Add a new menu group.

Your website comes with sample menu groups that you can either edit, or, remove and use completely new ones.

These menu groups can then be used in the menu locations that your theme supports e.g. some themes support both a top and footer menus.


You can add a new menu group as follows:

1.  Click on Menus in the Appearance menu

2.  Enter Menu Name then click Save Menu


Enter Menu Name


3.  This menu group can now be used for one or more of the menu locations in your theme. Select your new Menu Name from the drop-list in the Theme Locations section

4.  Add links to the menu using the Custom Links, Pages or Categories modules

5.  Re-order the menu items as you like, then press Save Menu


Reorder menu items


Themes with multiple menu areas

Some themes come with multiple menu areas e.g. Top Menu, Main Menu, bottom menu etc.

These menus can also be set from your Appearance>Menus screen.

Again, just create your menu groups and then use the ‘Theme Locations’ drop downs to place these menu groups where you require them to appear on your website pages.


Blank Menu Items

You may have noticed that it is possible to leave a ‘Theme Location’ drop down blank i.e. select no value.

When you choose to do this, your site will display an automatic menu based on all the pages and sub-pages that you have created for your site.

If you have organized you pages well, and used sub-pages where appropriate, this type of ‘automatic’ menu can work well.

However, I would advise using a defined ‘Menu Group’ for all your menus so that you have more control over the menu content.


View the short video below to see these steps in action:


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