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This article shows how you can tag your uploaded photographs so that you can then create separate gallery pages for each of your teams.

If you have multiple teams at your club then you probably have a lot of photos all mixed in together showing pictures of different teams at your club.

Trying to sort these photographs into teams can be frustrating, and even if you do get them sorted you usually find that your method of sorting is just not flexible enough to cater for the dynamics of your club.

For example, in our club we have pictures of our under 8 and under 9 teams, to sort these photos into teams may sound simple; create an album for the U8’s and one for the U9’s?

But, some of the photos contain U8 players AND U9 players. Some of the photos contain the coaches. Some of the photos contain some committee members, and so it goes on!

TeamThing to the rescue. Any photos uploaded to teamthing can be tagged with an infinite number of tags so that you can then display these photos on your website in any way that you wish to sort them.


Below is a step by step guide on how to tag your photos and then create separate gallery pages for your teams:


Step 1: Upload your photos

The first step is to upload your photos through your teamthing dashboard.

If you have many photos then it is advisable to first zip your photos and then upload using the ‘Upload a zip file’ tab in your ‘Photo Albums>Add gallery/Images’ menu item.

You can upload into an existing gallery or a new one, its you choice.



Step 2: Tag your photos

Once the photos have been successfully uploaded it is time to tag them. Tagging just means associating words with each of your pictures so that they can be easily sorted and retrieved later.


To tag you newly uploaded images go to ‘Photo Albums>Manage Gallery’ and choose the gallery you wish to edit. Each photo in the album can then be tagged using the ‘Tags (comma separated list)’ field next to each photo.

N.B. multiple tags can be added to each photo but each tag must be separated by a comma ‘,’. Remember to keep tags consistent e.g. don’t start using the tag ‘U8’ for some photos and then switch to ‘U8s’ for another photo.


Step 3: Create new team gallery pages

Ok, the photos have now been uploaded and tagged, now to show these photos, nicely separated into teams, to the world. First step is to create a new webpage (Pages>Add New menu item).

Now, pay attention, this next step is where the magic happens.

We can use a shortcode on this new page to show photos, with only specific tags,  from our collection.  (A shortcode is a specific code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort. Shortcodes can embed files or create objects that would normally require lots of complicated, ugly code in just one line. Shortcode = shortcut.)

The [nggtags] shortcode can be used to embed galleries into pages showing only images with a specific tag e.g.

[nggtags gallery=2003,coaches]

The above shortcode, when added to a page, will embed a gallery on this page only showing images with a tag of ‘2003’ and a tag of ‘coaches’.

Once the page has been finished, click publish.


Step 4: Add these new pages to your navigation menu

Your new page is now online, but only you currently know the url/location of this page, time to add a menu link to this new page.

A new menu can be added from the ‘Appearance>Menus’ menu item.

From this page locate your newly located page in the ‘Pages’ section on the left hand side of the page. Click the page checkbox and then click add. The menu should now be added to your main navigation menu. The position of the menu can be changed by drag/dropping the menu item.

Once all changes have been made don’t forget to click the ‘Save Menu’ button.



Now, when someone comes to your website, they can click on the link on the navigation menu and they will be taken to a page showing photos only with the tags you have selected.


If you need any more information, or would like an article on any other topic, then please do not hesitate to comment below:

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