Adding New Fields to your Member Database

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One of the neat features of your site is that you can easily build a list of members, but did you know you can customize the fields to collect information about the users?


When adding or editing a member database you can easily define the form fields that are shown when you edit or display member details.



Adding a New Form Field to the Members Database

Every site comes with a members database already created in their dashboard.

This database can be accessed through the ‘Members’ menu on the dashboard.

If the standard fields contained in this database do not capture enough information about your members then you can easily add another field(s):

  • Open the Members>Form Fields page from the menu in your dashboard
  • Click the ‘Add New Form Field’ link at the bottom of the screen.
  • A new form field will be added to the screen. Give this form field a label e.g. ‘Position’.
  • Now select the form field ‘Type’. The type should reflect the type of data you wish to capture e.g. for a simple Bio you would choose textfield, for committee position you could choose checkbox list or radio list.
  • Click the ‘Save Form Fields’ button to finish.
  • Now, when you navigate to ‘Add Dataset’ you can now enter data in the new form fields that you created.  


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