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You can easily add image adverts for your your club’s sponsors to your website’s sidebar.

Your new teamthing website should already contain an ‘ET Advertisement’ widget containing some blank images which you can replace with your own sponsor images.

However, you can also add as many advertisement widgets as you need to your sidebars and, in each widget, you can add up to 8 images.


Adding & Editing your advertisement widget

Adding and configuring an ‘ET Advertisement’ widget to your club website, for showing your club’s sponsors can be done by following the instructions below:

  • Open your website admin panel.
  • Select the Appearance>Widgets menu item to open the widget configuration screen.
  • Add (or edit an existing) ‘ET Advertisement’ widget to one of the sidebar locations for your theme e.g. ‘Homepage Recent From Area #3’.
  • Add the url/address of your sponsor’s image to the ‘Banner #1 Image’ field (see the next section ‘Adding sponsor images’ on how to upload your image and extract the url). N.B. Images of 125pixels X 125pixels work best.
  • (Optional) Add  a link to your sponsor’s website in the ‘Banner #1 Url’ so that when a visitor to your site clicks on the image they will be taken to your sponsor’s website.
  • Add your sponsor name to the ‘Banner #1 Title’ field.
  • Add your sponsor name to the ‘Banner #1 Alt’ field.
  • Click ‘Save’. Your first sponsor will now be added to your website.


Adding sponsor images to your media library

This section shows you how you can upload sponsor images to your media library, size them to 125×125 and then view the url/address of your image.

  • First choose the Media>Add New menu item in your dashboard.
  • Drag and drop your image into the space provided to upload the image.
  • When the image is uploaded click the ‘Edit Image’ button.
  • Next click the ‘Scale Image’ link and specify the scale you wish to use (a scale close to 125×125 for sponsor images is best).
  • Click the ‘Save’ button and then the ‘Save All Changes Button’.
  • Open the ‘Edit’ screen again for the image.
  • Copy the ‘File Url’ for the resized image. Now you can use this url when adding your sponsors.

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