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UPDATED – Now Even Easier

Many teams use Facebook regularly and have uploaded up a large collection of photos to Facebook, showing these photos on your website can be achieved in two ways:

  • Upload the photos again to your website media library using Dashboard>Photo Albums


  • Keep the photos on Facebook and embed them in your news article.

This tutorial will show you how to add a Facebook picture album, that exists on your Facebook page, to any of your news articles.

Add Facebook Gallery Button

Adding a Facebook gallery to your teamthing page or news article is incredibly easy, just:

  • Add or edit and existing page or news item.
  • Click the ‘Add Facebook Galley’ Button above your visual editor (if this button does not exist on your screen then you need to goto Dashboard>Plugins>Installed Plugins and enable the ‘Facebook Vinyl’ plugin).


  • In the ‘Add Facebook Gallery’ screen that will now appear you will need to know your Facebook page id or page name. Simply, go to your Facebook page and get your page id from the address bar.



  • Add this id to the page and, hey presto, you can now select the gallery you want to insert from the drop down on the screen.


  • Click the ‘Insert Form’ button. A shortcode will now be added to your article, this shortcode will turn into your gallery when any of your visitors views your live article.








[fbvinyl id=161300770550609 title={nothing | h3 | h2 | h1 | span} desc={nothing | h3 | h2 | h1 | span} limit={numerical}]

[fbvinyl id=161300770550609] (for default titles or descriptions)

[fbvinyl id=161300770550609 title= desc=] (for no titles or descriptions)

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