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This article shows how you can embed a flip book or any flash object into any news article or page.


Some our users love to create their club newsletters using flash. This article shows how you can embed these Flash-based newsletters (in the example, using flipbuilder) into your site. does not currently allow users to upload folders to their site; so to enable flash files with required supporting files to be displayed, there is an free online backup and share website called “Dropbox” that  you can utilize to publish your created flipbooks:

1. Download and create a free account in Dropbox (free and easy to do):

flip upload with dropbox register


2. Once you have created your flipbook (using a tool such as flipbuilder), Choose “*.html” as flipbook output format, choose output path as “… \Dropbox\Public\flipbook” (make sure you save it under your dropbox “Public” folder);

flip upload with dropbox output


3. Open windows explorer and then open the “flipbook” folder under Dropbox path, right-click on the folder to share online.


4. By making this folder public you can now browse the files on Internet. Right click on the “flipbook” folder again and choose ‘Browse on dropbox website‘:


5. Get the online url of the index.html file.

flip upload with dropbox publish

Click the “index.html” to view the flipbook, you will get the book link like this: .


If you want to show the flipbook as a part of your website, (just like the example at Ballycastle Academy) you can embed usign the following instructions:
1. Edit the page or news article where you want to put the newsletter. Click on the ‘HTML’ tab of the editor.

2. Insert the following code in the html tab (replacing the index.html entry with your own dropbox url, copied in the last dropbox step e.g.

<!–you can copy the below code to your htm page—————————–begin—>
<!–change the width and height value as you want.–>
<!– Do change “index.htm” to your real html name of the flippingbook–>
<iframe style=”width:400px;height:200px” src=”” seamless=”seamless” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowtransparency=”true”></iframe>

<!–you can copy the above code to your htm page—————————–end—>


3. Publish your page/news article.



Any more questions? Just leave us a comment below.

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